Liew (centre), accompanied by his coaching staff, poses symbolically with a shirt together with the Bounx system provider chief operating officer Datuk Tim Garland (second right) after the briefing session today. Pic: The Borneo Post

KUCHING (Dec 18): Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) will adopt the Bounx system starting next month for player development, coach management and organising tournaments.

Its president Dato Patrick Liew said the online system has been officially accepted as a technology service provider last month by the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia.

The data submitted to the system will also be integrated into International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Tennis Number (WTN) system, a widely-accepted standard to rank tennis players globally.

“We want to introduce the system so that tennis players registration can be done online via the platform to be more efficient, effective and (there will be) less administrative errors,” said Liew to reporters during a briefing to the coaches on the system at Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association Clubhouse at Jalan Crookshank today.

Liew said the data submitted to the Bounx system can be studied to gauge the progress of the tennis sport in the country and determine how big is the players fraternity.

“From the system, we can monitor the data compiled every year on whether the sport is progressing or declining in the country. If it’s declining, we need to determine the reasons and see how we can further improve and strategise.”

Liew said the system will first be adopted by Kuching next month, before moving to Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and other regions of the state.

He pointed out a player’s wins or losses, whether in national, state or inter-club tournaments, will be recorded via the Bounx system for the calculation of his or her WTN profile.

“At the moment, we run our programmes and tournaments manually. We also don’t have the past records of our players to refer to. As a result, from now on, we want all information to be digitally recorded via the system so that we can analyse our players,” said Liew.

The Bounx system will also be updated with tournament officials information and refereeing matters.

“Community comes and go but the system will remain with all the data. We don’t want that we record our information manually and later, the files are lost or they have been forgotten.”

Liew considered adopting the Bounx and WTN systems for tournament and player management in the state as a bold and smarter decision to digitalise processes and following the ITF standard.

Article from: The Borneo Post